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Maximize space, and grow a variety of plants.


Plant apparatus can provide protection from vermin eating the plants, pets, or accidental damage.

Growing Conditions

Your plants will thrive in the plant apparatus’ vessel where you will have greater control over growing conditions compared to planting directly in the ground.


Plant apparatus can improve accessibility and reduce strain on the body.

Our Aim

Maximize effective use of places and spaces, as well as growing resources on all planet surfaces. Dramatically increase crop yield by using a Vertical Growth Apparatus.

Benefits Of

Vertical Growth Apparatus

Give yourself the power to grow food, herbs, and flower, in areas you could not plant and grow before.

Areas Including, But Not Limited To:

Deck/ porch/ lanai
Driveways/Parking Lots
Industrial/ commercial area
Libraries/ community centers
Patio or balcony
Poolside area
Restaurants or cafes
Retail stores
Rocky Soil Areas
Salty Soil Areas
Sunroom or conservatory
Terrace or rooftop
Urban/ Suburban Area

Cost effective growing method.

Maximum plant yield per cubic space.

No power needed.

Sustainable, reusable, and portable.

Maximize soil, water, continuous aeration, and nutrients use.

Escalate Photosynthesis

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What you can grow

We all need to eat. Have the space to grow your own food and be 100% in control of the soil, fertilizers and all the conditions your food is exposed to.

Herbs/ medicinal plants

Use our vessel to grow herbs and medicinal plants and enjoy a fresher cooking experience and access to the plant to help you feel healthier.


Bring the vibrant colors of your flowers off the ground with a grow everywhere apparatus.

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