The Problems


Up to 20% of the world’s population is starving and experiencing poverty because of the lack of resources.

Lack of Land

The world’s arable soils and waters are becoming polluted with chemicals.

Plant Growth Supplies

The world’s arable soils are eroding at an alarming rate because of commercial and industrial developments.


Major poverty in developing and developed countries.

How We Can Help Solve The Problems

For many centuries, man has been trying to maximize growth with the least amount of growth medium, amendments and space. These objectives had led to complex and costly growth systems such as greenhouses, tunnels, aeroponics, plant factories, hydroponics and NASA’s space growth system.

These approaches require high cost, complex
equipment, high energy consumption, high
maintenance, marginally safe systems in
highly controlled environments.

The plants in a vertical growth
apparatus accomplish what all
previous efforts do not.

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The Solution

Our Aim

Maximize effective use of places and spaces, as well as growing resources on all planet surfaces. By doing this we can Feed Ourselves and not depend on others to provide our food. By using the Vertical Growth Apparatus we can dramatically increase crop yield with minimum space and cost.

We should eat real foods that grow out of the ground and soil.

Nutritionists Say or Claim

Benefits Of

Vertical Growth Apparatus

To enable plant growth for food, medicine, flower, etc. in areas of the planet currently being used and not currently being used effectively for growth.

Areas Including, But Not Limited To

Hill & Mountain Sides
Lava Fields
Reclaimed Surface Mines
Rocky Soil Areas
Salty Soil Areas
Abondened Industrial/
Urban/ Suburban Area
Building Rooftops
Driveways/Parking Lots
Vacant Fields
Industrial & Commercial Area
Marsh Lands

Most cost effective of all current growing methods.

Maximum plant yield per cubic space.

No electric, batteries and fuels.

Sustainable, reusable and portable.

Minimal quantities of growth medium: soil, water, continuous aeration and nutrients.

Photosynthesis maximized

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Our Personal Responsibility

Home, School, Community And Small Farmers, Gardens can grow in driveways, parking lots, previously unusable land, and on all planet surfaces.

Organic, Eliminate Chemicals And Other Contaminates In Food.

Fresh, Drying, Canning, Fermenting, famines, droughts, and Governments with holding foods for control of people.

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